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Non-woven fabrics are environmentally friendly? You have to know about non-woven fabrics.


Non-woven fabric


Non-woven fabric (also called nonwoven fabric) is a fabric that does not need to be spun woven fabric, but the woven short fibers or filaments are oriented or randomly stretched to form a web structure, and then mechanically, thermally bonded or chemically. Reinforced by other methods.

Key: it is not woven and braided together by one yarn, but the fibers are bonded directly by physical means, when you get the sticky name in your clothes, , you will find that it is impossible to draw a single thread.

The advantages of the non-woven process :

1 Light weight

Polypropylene resin is the main raw material for production. The specific gravity is only 0.9, only three-fifths of cotton, which is fluffy and feels good.

2 The softness is composed of fine fibers (2-3D) and is light-pointed by hot melt bonding. The finished product is soft and comfortable.

3 The water-repellent and breathable polypropylene chips do not absorb water, the water content is zero, is made of 100% fiber with porosity, good gas permeability, easy to keep the cloth surface dry and easy to wash.

无纺布环保吗 关于无纺布你不得不知道的事

4 Non-toxic, non-irritating ,they are produced in accordance with FDA food grade raw materials, stable performance, non-toxic, no odor, no irritating to the skin, contain no other chemical components.

5 The chemical resistant polypropylene is a chemically blunt substance that is free of insects and can isolate the presence of bacteria and insects in the liquid.
6 The antibacterial product has water-extracting properties, is not moldy, and can isolate the bacteria and insects in the liquid, and is not mildewed.
7 The physical properties are made by directly spinning polypropylene into a mesh, and the strength of the product is better than that of the general staple fiber product, the strength is non-directional, and the longitudinal and transverse strengths are similar.
8 Environmental protection . A non-woven Shopping Bag can be completely decomposed within 90 days. The raw material of most non-woven fabrics used is polypropylene. The chemical structure of polypropylene is not strong, and the molecular chain can be easily broken, so that it can be effectively degraded and enter the next step in a non-toxic form. Environmental cycle.

And the non-woven shopping bag can be reused more than 10 times, and the environmental pollution degree after disposal is only 10% of the Plastic Bag.

无纺布环保吗 关于无纺布你不得不知道的事

Huadefeng Plastic Packaging

The non-woven fabric process has entered people's daily household items, and the non-woven fabric process is not only more comfortable and healthier but also more environmentally friendly.More information ,please contact with us, thanks.

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